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Established in 2001, one of the foremost in the area of branded diamond positioning to the mass public. From the year before 2000 millennium, Philip Yau has been working with one of the largest publicity listed diamond cutting entity in the United States overseeing the South East Asia operation.  The company Lazare Kaplan Inc. was one of the very few selling ONLY the branded ideal cut diamonds.  Deeply inspired by the company’s devotion to cut and sell only the highest standard of ideal cut diamond in the world, Philip Yau is thinking to bring the best ideal cut diamond from Palace door to the Public cottage.  


Eventually Philip Yau quitted the many would consider the dreamed job from Lazare Kaplan as the operation manager and went on to search for his own dream.  He wish to find the  ideal cut diamond which can be sold to the mass public as the bread and butter of their jewelry collection at a very reasonable price. 


He traveled all over the world, meeting many of the top diamond cutters trying to push the idea of the Branded Ideal Cut diamond with Hearts and Arrows feature, couple with the Rolls Royce quality and BMW price strategy selling to the mass public.  Unfortunately the idea did not work as many of the top players either was not ready for the idea or thinks that the idea would not worktaking the factor of their existing cost and profit structure.


Finally Philip came across a small company in Malaysia, carrying a branded diamond called “The Love Diamond”.  It was ideally cut and with the Hearts and Arrow’s effect because of perfect symmetry.  The diamond was cut by a small company Mickey Weinstock NV in Belgium. 


When Philip was in serious discussion on the development plan with the brand owner, initially they wanted the brand be positioned as the Tiffany of Hong Kong.  Philip disagreed strongly pointing out that we as the brand operator in Greater China did not have 100 years to hatch the baby as Tiffany.  Rolls Royce quality and BMW price strategy is the only way to open the door.

公司成立于2001年,是较早定位在钻石领域的品牌而面对广大公众的先锋。从2000年的千PHILIP一直在一家跨国钻石切割公司驻东南亚负责市场推广及营运。该公司 LAZARE KAPLAN 是极少数其中极少数专业从事销售理想切割钻石公司之一。 PHILIP受此启发意将世界上理想的切割钻石的最高标准,从原本 皇宫大门 而推向 广大

PHILIP最终离开了许多人认为梦想的工作,丽泽高伦东南亚营运经理,继寻找自己的梦想。他希望找到大量的理想切割钻石,一个非常合理的价格 以品牌的定位推向广大市民。


应而走遍世界各地,约见一班顶级钻石努力希望可以推动八心八箭理想切的品牌钻最终希望以定位以劳斯莱斯的质量宝马的价格销售。 不幸的是,想法很多顶级石商认为是行不通的问题莫过于成本和利润


最后, Philip遇到了一家在马来西亚小公司拥有名为 爱钻 Love Diamond 品牌的理想切割箭钻石。完美的对称效果和闪亮的光芒深深的吸引了我 当时是由比利时的一家小公司生产

Philip对品牌发展与爱钻老板认真讨论,对方原本希望爱钻 定位于美国的蒂芙尼 TiffanyPhilip持强烈反对意见,理由是 爱钻 没有大品牌蒂芙尼百年的进化时间。 劳斯莱斯的质量宝马的价格来定位是唯一的策略