Eight Hearts Diamond
The Ultimate Diamond

Love Hearts Diamond R

Product Positioning

Selling the Rolls Royce at the price of BMW.  Giving the best quality product to our customer at the fraction of the normal trade margin.  Selling the quality and popular product instead of image driven product.


Product feature

100% ideal Cut based on the internationally recognized Ideal Cut Formula, widely adopted by major branded diamond such as Tiffany or Lazare Kaplan.  On top of the Ideal Cut feature, Love Hearts also uses only the perfect symmetry diamond in order product the Hearts and Arrows effect.  All Love Hearts Diamond comes with an International recognized diamond grading report with Triple Excellent grades. 


Product Guarantee

Individual loose diamond grading report will be accompanied by each .30ct and up diamond sold.  Smaller size diamond mounted in the jewelry will be issued with our own jewelry certificate stating the 4 C?s of the diamond used for the piece.   


Product Services

Trade in services available for stones purchased[1].  Mountings available for stone purchased.  Life time cleaning and repair services for free on loyalty members with the shopping reward scheme.


Price Advantage

Feel the price difference.  Challenge us with any of the major retailers in South East Asia on diamonds with same 4Cs, we will beat the price by at least 5% with no question ask.[2]


Love Hearts Diamond, the total package


Each Love Hearts Diamond comes with AGSL report with laser inscription, couple with Ideal Cut features and Aset image[3] of the stone.  It is not just any other Ideal Cut Hearts and Arrows diamond.  Come talk to us for detail information.

[1] Excepted for specially ordered items, promotional items or non-refundable items

[2] Customer need to provide certain description of the item contested for the price challenge.  EHD reserve the right to explain and present information on the stone in question. 

[3] Want to know more about the Aset image of a diamond, go to the diamond report page on AGS Lab.

Which diamond is better, both with report from respectable Laboratory


Price differential of a diamond


The difference is never in the question of whether the diamond has a report or not.  (The price of the diamond report is relatively low compare to the value of the stone).  The key is in the true 4 Cs of a diamond.  1 Cut 2 Clarity  3 Color  4 Weight 


Among the 4 Cs, Weight is easy to define with diamond scale.  Color can also be measured accurately by color machine or the diamond master set.  Clarity is subjective but the guideline was accepted by major laboratories of the world.  Reputable Laboratories includes AGS and GIA is implementing 3 dimensional measures on the proportion of the diamond in order to give a more accurate diamond cut grade. 


Some people might be puzzled by the huge price difference for the same (4 Cs) stone with different report. 


For example:


1ct DIF with GIA EXEXEX compared with

1ct DIF IGI EXEXEX, the price difference cab be as high as 20-30%. 


Again, the cost was never in the cost of the report itself.  The key is on the positioning of the Diamond Grading Laboratories (AGS, GIA, HRD, IGI EGL NGTC etc) in relation to the reports issued.  Thus creates the difference in price of a diamond


Same diamond eg. 1.01 GVS1 VG G EX

Each Laboratory might assigned a different Grade (whether it is in the color, clarity, cut, polish, or symmetry grades) based on the Labs positioning in the market.   eg 1.01 FVVS2 EXEXEX, 1.01GVVS1, EXEXVG, 1.01 HVS1 VGVGVG, 1.01HVS2 VGVGG  etc 

Price difference was the result of such positioning. 


For more information regarding to the market positioning of each Laboratory in relation to the diamond price difference, please refer to the diamond report page or contact us for questioning.    



Ideal Cut diamond should show "layers"
Fish Eye-shallow cut diamond

Other Diamond

Other than Branded Ideal Cut Hearts and Arrows Love Hearts Diamond, we do sell commercial cut round, fancy, big sizes and fancy color diamonds.  All diamond sold will be accompanied by an international recognized diamond grading report  (Unless specially requested by the customer)


钻石的价格差 从不在于钻石是否有证书或报告。 (钻石的报告书的售价相对钻石的总价是十分低的). 关键是在钻石4C 的真正质地  1 切割 2 重量 3 颜色,4
 4C 中,钻石的  重量  容易界定.  颜色  也可以  彩色衡量机   钻石 准确判断出来.   是主观的,但准则是由世界主要的实验室定下并接受. 有信誉的实验室包括AGSGIA已经运用钻石的3D立体比例以提供一个更准确的钻石切工级别

有些人可能看到不同的 钻石报告 (AGS, GIA, HRD IGI EGL NGTC ) 4C一样 价格大有不同
1.02克拉 GVS2 附有 AGS 3 完美 (IDEAL) 和 
1.08克拉 GVS2 附有 GIA 3 顶好 (EXCELLENT)和
1.07克拉 GVS2 附有 IGI 3   很好 (Very Good
 以上3 钻石的克拉市场价格USD/CT)分别为 USD6336 USD5760 USD5040  % 10 % 26 成本差异 
 钻石报告本身的成本几乎相同. 钻石的报告书的售价相对钻石的总价是十分低的
AGS  USD114DQR大证)到 131 DQD大证)
GIA   USD81 DOSSIER小证)100 (大证)
HRD  EURO 75 US111)大证
IGI & EGL, NGTC 价格比较有弹性,所提供的折扣也相对较大
 关键是各大实验室 AGSGIAHRDIGIEGLNGTH 等)在市场上的定位. 而导致钻石的价格差异
 例如,同样的钻石  1. 01 GVS1 EXEXVG
欲了解更多的关于钻石报告,钻石切割的对价钱的应响,请参阅 钻石报告 页面或联系我们.