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Diamond Knowledge
Standard for "Ideal" Hearts and Arrows image
Signature Earrings featuring AGS triple Ideal Hearts & Arrows Diamond in 18K White Gold or PT950 Platinum
Rough Diamonds-picture shown are of very high quality rough both in Color and Clarity
Measuring the diamond porportion
The famous 44.5ct Hope Diamond, believe to bring bad luck to the owners
Our Copy Righted "FLEUR" Hearts & Arrows collection

Original Hope was from from this diamond dealer Tavernier...a diamond dealer and weighted 115ct

The cause of rainbow color
The famous Ekati Spirit 78ct high quality rough diamond from BHP
Soviet Was the 2nd largest supply of World's rough dimond. 1971 stamp on diamond fund
Patented Hearts and Arrows Diamond viewer
Oppenheimer Diamond 253.7ct discovered in South Africa in 1964. One of the very few rough survived from cutting and perserved in Smithsonian Institution
Nicholas "Nicky" F. Oppenheimer 1945 is a South African businessman, the chairman of the De Beers diamond mining company and the Diamond Trading Company
Argyle Intense Pink Diamond
Cullinan Mine-producer of the world's largest Gem quality rough diamond
Alluvial Diamond Miner Sierra Leone
12.76ct Arygle Largest Pink with the name Jubilee--Largest Pink Diamond found by Rio Tinto
The finger print character
Old vs New Cut of Diamond, Note the diamond size of diamond "table"
2.53ct Vivid Green diamond sold for 3.07 Million USD 2009
Hearts image from the back of a diamond
Interior view of the kimberley diamond mine
Clarity feature of a diamond can be fun sometimes (-:

Why diamonds are expensive?

Rough Diamond

Rough diamond is very rare. 
By a
verage 250 tons of mined ore can produce 1ct of unpolished diamond

1ct = 0.2gram, 250 ton =
50 million grams 
Hardness of Diamond ranked 1st in Mohs Scale (a relative scale)
Moissanite reads 9.25 and Corundum reads 9

Value of a Diamond
Extremely Rare
Hardest material on earth
Ability to refract and reflect light
If we have not noticed, no one is using a gem quality diamond to cut glasses.

Note: Scale between 9 and 10: but diamond (10) is four times as hard as (9) corundum




克拉 = 0.2克, 250= 5千万克


2.钻石的硬度在摩氏标度中排列了第1 (注意:摩氏标度是一个相对尺度)

莫桑石 SiC =9.25

刚玉 = 9

(9 10在日在摩氏标度的绝对硬度是400 1500)


3.折射和反射光的能力 其它宝石没能与之相比)


:是指钻石高度与直径的比值,钻石台面宽度与直径的比值 不要和钻石状形所混淆。 圆的钻石有最高的能力折射和反射光。 是可能增加钻石的光芒光彩重要因素。


让我们比较 石英 钻石 之间的反射和折射光
  那些细微光线通过 组体的光角度的差别吗

理想的切割将最大限度地利用光的反射,从而产生了辉煌的移动静止的最佳平衡, 钻石切割太 或太厚 可能导致 鱼眼 钉头 效应

这就解释了为什么一个理想切割的石英有时似乎比切割欠佳的钻石辉煌. 基于上述认识,你会花费3000美元买切割欠佳的钻石?或买一个理想切割的石英30美元看起来更漂亮?  


Diamond Cuts

Refer to the arrangement of a diamond's facet.  Not to confused with diamond's shape.  Round Brilliant diamond has the highest ability to refract and reflect light.  The ONLY factor which could increase the brilliance of a diamond.

The Bad, The Ugly or the Good?
Ideal Cut Diamond with Excellent Symmetry

What is Ideal Cut Diamond

Let us compare the reflection and refraction between Quartz and Diamond difference, note the tiny difference in the optical angle the light pass through the mass.

Ideal Cut will maximize the brilliance from light reflection thus produce the optimal balance of MOVING and STATIC light

With the above understanding, would you spend US$3000 for a poorly cut diamond which looks worst than a US$30 ideal cut quartz?

A diamond cutting too shallow or too thick might result in fish eye or nail head effect


Thick girdle gives extra weight

Little knowledge is dangerous, thus the idea of INFORMED CHOICE


Diamond Prices


Diamonds are cut by human being.  Diamond price are based on factors including but not limiting to the following factors:


1.      DTC rough diamond selling price to the sight holders

2.      World economy, demand and supply

3.      Rough diamond price outside the DTC and big players selling price

4.      Inventory level of the diamond manufacturers

5.      Financial strength of the diamond dealers

6.      Financial strength of the diamond retailers

Sizes vs Value of a diamond


Giving the Color, Clarity and Cut being equal, the bigger the diamond would fetch a higher value.  This is more evident in the border line size of a diamond. 

Eg .99ct DIF vs 1.00 DIF 


1% different in size

80% difference in Value (1 to 1.8)

Thus weight saving is a common practice for the diamond manufacturers


Brilliance vs Weight Saving


Unfortunately, weight saving relate directly to the Brilliance (Proportion and symmetry) of a diamond.  Many of the so called MISTAKE of a diamond other than the size, color and clarity was made on purpose to save weight.  Many of the retailers are reluctant to disclose the information to the customers especially when certain feature of the diamond report was marked as very good or excellent


Round vs Fancy shape Diamond


Ask yourself a question, what shape you usually see for a big diamond exposed in the media for auction.  Get the picture? If not, come and talk to us
The birth of a happy Pug--go to last page ....


八心八箭 vs. 完美车工

光辉闪耀 Brilliance 重量节省  Weight Saving 理想切  ideal cut  密切相关.  他们包括 1. 技术工人,2. 高技术,3. 牺牲重量获得最大的辉煌  


理想切割公式 Ideal Cur Formula 是一个钻石辉煌的较大贡献者



台面  53-58%

冠部  14.5-16.2%

亭部  42.4-43.5%

腰部  略厚

底尖  没有,非常小


例如2 克拉钻石原石. 


理想的公式,生产出一个最光辉闪耀的钻石。 85克拉EXEXEX



(左图) 粗腰减少的钻石辉煌,但可以增加多达10%的重量


八心八箭另一方面,主要涉及钻石的对称性。如果对称  symmetry 性评为优秀  excellent ,可能90已上可以看出八心八箭的效果


八心八箭效果钻石的比例联想,因此贡献钻石的光辉不大. 完美的对称是已经完美切割钻石一个加的因素.  记住,不理想的切割钻石(non ideal cut太厚或太薄但有完美对称),也可有八心八箭的效果. 只可惜八心八箭不影响钻石的光辉亮度效果


对于以价格来言,理想切割钻石ideal cut (带或不八心八箭效应都可以) 比八心八箭H&A non ideal cut非理想切工)钻石是昂贵得多,



图显示了 没锯钻石大 vs 小台面


The History and Prices system 

 DTC Diamond Trading Company (also known as DeBeers 40%), Rio Tinto(20%), and Alrosa 20-25%) collectively controlled more than 80% of the rough diamond business.  Price of the rough diamond was placed on each assortment based on different quality of the diamonds.  DTC is the leader in fixing the price?    Rio Tinto and Alrosa normally follow the suit when it comes to price adjustment.  

DTC and Rio Tinto is using the sight holder system where they selectively invite diamond cutters which meet their high standard with regards to financial strength, business ethic, marketing capability etc in order to enter the CLUB to make direct purchase through the sightholdership[1]. 

With the decision  Supply of Choice  being implemented 6 years
ago, DTC has successfully increased the efficiency in marketing the diamond and its related product worldwide, they eliminated more than 50% of their sightholdership from over 200 to about 70, increased the presence of diamond marketing program around the globe and increased their stock price at a very handsome rate. However, as the very elite sightholders in the world[2], members normally were NEVER allowed to reject anything which was agreed and distributed by DTC on bi-monthly sight in London.    
Below is an example on how the action of DTC helped to stabilize the diamond price of the last 2 years.  

In the beginning of 2009, rough diamond price has fallen to its lowest level, polished wholesale diamond price tumbled between Feb and March 2009[3]. DTC act quickly to reduce its sight amount and stabilized the rough price.  

In April of 2009, wholesale diamond price stabilized and increased about 5%.  The increase was not related to market economy or retail sentiments, but merely because DTC has agreed to cut back for the goods sold to the sightholders.

The price drop for high end diamond eg 2ct-10ct eg DIF EXEXEX  outperformed the lower end smaller size diamond due to its limited supply.  Some of the larger firm has stopped selling of such goods in order to reserve the asset value.       

[1] The direct benefit includes the lower price of the rough and the assurance of the type of diamond received from the sight. 
[2] Only 2 Chinese companies qualified as sightholder in 2009
[3] Price reduction in retail was not as obvious as the wholesale market
They control over 80% of rough diamond
Typical Brown Rough diamond
Most of the rough diamond are yellowish in color

White vs Fancy Color diamond

 Anything related to pure RED is extremely rare, you can count the stones found per year all around the world by your fingers.  Pink and intense green comes next.  However, due to the nature of green formation in a diamond, it is difficult to proof whether the green is naturally radiated.  Cheapest of all are the black and brown diamonds.  Natural Black diamond actually a b it more than natural brown diamonds.  Price of fancy color diamond is NOT as transparent as the white diamond, much more factors complicated the selling price of color diamonds
Fancy Yellow Diamond
Common misunderstanding

Hearts & Arrows vs Ideal Cut

Brilliance, weight saving and ideal cut are closely related.  Their counter part includes Skilled workers, improved technology, sacrificing yield to obtain maximum brilliance.

Ideal Cut

Brilliance, weight saving and ideal cut are closely related.  Their counter part includes skilled workers, improved technology, and sacrificing yield to obtain maximum brilliance. 


Ideal Cut formula is the MAJOR contributor to the brilliance factor of a diamond. 


1?Diamond Table 53-58%

2?Diamond Crown Angle (crown height 14.5%-16.2%)

3?Diamond Pavilion Angle (pavilion height 42.2%-43.5%)

4?Diamond Girdle thickness (Thin-slightly thick)

5?Diamond Culet (pointed)


Diamond cutter can choose to follow the ideal cut formula in order to produce the most brilliant diamond from a rough diamond eg 2carat to say .85 carat EXEXEX, or in order to maximize the weight, he can produce a not so beautiful diamond at 1 carat VGVGG

Hearts and Arrows

On the other hand relate mostly to the symmetry of a stones.  If the symmetry is rated as excellent, it is 9
0% likely that the Hearts and Arrows effect can be seen
 Hearts and Arrows effect has much less association to the proportion of a diamond, therefore contributed very little in the brilliance of a diamond. Perfect symmetry is a PLUS factor to the already ideal cut diamond.  Remember, non ideal cut diamond (too thick or too thin) with perfect symmetry can also have H&A effect.  Unfortunately only the H&A does NOT have any effect in the beauty or brilliance of a diamond. 

With regards to price, ideal cut diamond (with or without hearts and arrows effect) is much more expensive than the hearts and arrows diamond.  

Diamond for Commercial Use


Because of the extreme hardness of diamonds, they are often used as an abrasive, and on cutting tools. Diamond particles are embedded in a saw blade, or drill bit to fortify the strength of the blade or bit, and make it cut cleanly for precision work. Diamond blades also come in handy when cutting through extremely hard surfaces like marble or granite. Diamonds are able to withstand higher levels of heat than other blade substances--five times as much as copper. Use of diamonds in mechanical tools reduces friction, and extends the life of the equipment, but it increases the initial cost.


The high heat conductivity of diamonds makes them ideal for use in semiconductors and microchips for computers. Diamonds can withstand more heat than the typical silicon used in semiconductors, and they last longer. The United States military has been exploring using diamonds in this way since 1980, but lack of a consistent supply of nearly flawless diamonds, and the lack of conductivity inherent in diamonds stalled the project. Now diamonds can be grown in labs exactly to the specifications needed for this type of application

What is the object in view?
You guessed it--some very macro diamond in a blade


In ancient Greece it was believed that diamonds were pieces of stars that had fallen to earth. It was said by some that they were the tears of the gods. Another legend tells of an inaccessible valley carpeted with diamonds that were patrolled by birds of prey and guarded by snakes....




毛坯钻石价格根据每个品种质量为基础而定下的,DTC是其中的价格领导者力拓 阿尔罗萨 通常会遵循DTC的价格.

力拓使用一种 Sightholdership的持有人制度下,有选择地邀请钻石商 在满足他们高标准的财务实力,销售,以及商业道德,市场营销能力等才能进入这这种特别 俱乐部,通过sightholdership直接购买钻石原石 直接受益包括钻石价格较低,以及保证了商人所需要的钻石类型.




DTC2003实施选择供应 supply of choice 政策Bebeers已成功增加了销售钻石产品在全球市场的数量和效率,他们将原来200 sightholder 减少超过50 70 多个。DTC由此增加了钻石在全球各地的销售和增长,并令其股票价格得到十分可观率的升幅. 2009中国人企业 sight holders 只有2 家.   


2009年初,毛坯钻石的价格已跌至低水平,钻石批发价格20092月至3下跌最低水平 (零售价格下降并没有批发市场那么明显). DTC 迅速采取行动,减少其sight 数量,从而稳定了原石价格.


20094月,批发钻石价格开始回良好切割钻石表现出一定的价格上涨 5%。 这一增长市场经济或零售气氛毫不相关,仅仅因为DTC同意削减出售给配售商的数量和金额 sight amount and value.

对于大颗和高端如2克拉 10克拉excellent 最好 钻石由于其供应有限价格下降幅度也较少. 一些大公司已停止销售这些产品,以保存其资产的价值.