Eight Hearts Diamond
The Ultimate Diamond



Positioning is the Key to replace hundred of years of history.  The idea is to sell the best product with affordable price.  The Eight Hearts Company is found based on the idea to position to sell the Rolls Royce at the price of BMW. 


Back in 2000, when Philip received the name the Love Diamond in Hong Kong trying to develop the market, the only thing he has is the name The Love Diamond.  Elements of branding includes A. The standard of the product, ideal cut formula, B. Display and packaging C. Training material was absent    


The idea of window display comes from Watches, Philip was thinking customer willing to buy a HKD5000 watch is expected to see a very decent window display of nice watches.  In reality, Chinese jewelers’ window display always squeezed with hundreds of items with little branded elements. 


Love Diamond was the first to develop the Crystal glass window display along with its unique acrylic loose diamond box. 


For the maximum playing of beauty and light of a diamond, Philip introduced the Ideal Cut formula in association with the Tolkowsky Ideal recognized by the diamond trade for the Love Diamond. 


Another user friendly tool catered to the end users with smaller budget, we developed the IGI mini credit card version for the .08-.19ct TLD diamond.  The diamond was inscribed with TLD on the girdle so consumer can distinguish between a commercial diamond and a Love Diamond.  We also developed the gift boxes catering to the TLD ring, pendant Earrings and Bracelets coupled with a copy righted Hearts and Arrows viewer “Love Scope”.  The box was a huge success which we sold hundreds of thousand pieces over the year


Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  Lehman brother mini bond was purchased by majority of the public who has some knowledge about the financial product.  Two type of investor including the expert in financial instruments or the investor who has no knowledge in derivative products never laid a hand on this type of “bombs” We fully support the idea of “informed choice” for our customers